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Dudley's Celtic Music Session

Dudley's Bookshop and Cafe has been the kind host of this session since the spring of 2006. We play Irish and Scottish dance tunes on the third Friday of the month, 6:30 until around 8:30 pm.

Musicians are welcome! We ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with traditional session etiquette here.

The Truckly Howl


“You know, there’s an awful lot to be said about this Irish traditional folk music and folklore. Because first of all, you have to learn it. And first you must learn the talk. And then you must learn the grip. And after that, you must learn the truckly-howl. And then you have the whole lot, only just to keep on practicing it.


Because, um, Seamus Ennis knows far more about this than even the old folklore-di-lordies themselves. Because Seamus Ennis once met a little leprechauny truckly-howl at the bottom of the garden gluth, and up the garden path which came up from that, in the limeretty limeretty hill-hockles, before the earthien throne, before the leprechaun era, and long before the Argy-fargy. And that was in the deep ’pon doom, before the Emerald Isle was ever dropped plop! plop! in the water.”

Seamus Ennis


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