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Resources for musicians

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Database of tunes, discography, list of sessions, festivals and events (worldwide), discussion board.

Database of tunes, discography with tune clips, personal playlist, and a practice list generator to keep those hard-won tunes fresh.

The Wellington Sessions

Tune database with variable-speed playback, looping, adjustable loops.

Irish Music Stories Podcast

Shannon Heaton has put together a new podcast series. She sits you down in the kitchen with a cuppa tea and brings you stories about the traditional Irish music community from around the world. Her website has long been a favorite for her tune-of-the day, so have a look and a listen.

Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

Darren O'Mahony and Dominic Black interview traditional Irish musicians from around the world. Funny, thoughtful, and just good stories.

The Amazing Slow Downer

App for PC, iOS and Android. Import music, slow down and loop. Great for learning something new.


With over 24,000 tunes in its database, TunePal is the go-to app for those with less than total recall. Record a bit of the tune, submit, hey presto a tune name linked to sheet music. Usually correct! For iPhone, Android.

The Joe Cooley tapes

The great accordion player Joe Cooley lived in the San Francisco area in the early 1970's. Here is a treasure trove of tapes made 1970-1973 of his playing.

YouTube channels for tune learning

Conor O'Bryan

Ryan G. Duns

The Online Academy of Irish Music

Instruction for a wide range of instruments. Monthly subscription.

Fiddle lessons by Kevin Burke and Hanneke Cassel. Monthly subscription.

Brian Miller

DADGAD chords for guitar and bouzouki.

Michael Eskin

Tunebooks, specific instrument resources and much more.

John Doyle

DVD Instruction on playing rhythm guitar to back Irish tunes.

Bend Ceili Dance

This is dance music, dancing is fun, so learn to dance. Ceili dance is Irish social dance, the granddaddy to squares and contradance. You don't have to wear a tiny dress or a huge curly wig. Just show up with a pair of shoes with non-marking soles (leather is best) and a water bottle. Check their website for time and location.

Bend Contradance

More dancing! Second Saturday of the month October to April at the Pine Forest Grange in Bend. Lesson at 7:00 pm, dancing to live music at 7:30 pm.

Chet Bishop, Luthier

Violin, 5-String Fiddle, Viola and Cello builder in Portland, Oregon. Also does repair and set-up of instruments.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Link to the Portland, Oregon branch of CCE, the international organization to promote Irish traditional music and culture.  Weekly set dancing and slow session; monthly session on the 4th Friday of the month.